Letitia Quinones Vows to Protect Constitutional Rights of Client Accused in Rapper’s Death

Attorney Letitia Quinones says she will continue to fight to protect the constitutional rights of client Patrick Xavier Clark, who is out on bail in the shooting death of Kirsnick Khari Ball, known professionally as the rapper Takeoff.   Mr. Clark’s bail was posted Jan. 4 by a family friend who believes in his innocence. Before his release, Ms. Quinones had expressed concern that Mr. Clark’s constitutional rights were being affected by the high-profile nature of the Nov. 1 shooting of the rap star in downtown Houston.  On Dec. 27, 2022, shortly after Harris County Judge Josh Hill announced his decision to keep Mr. Clark’s bond at $1 million, Ms. Quinones shared her surprise and disappointment since all the conditions required by the court to have bond lowered had been met.  “We’re very surprised,” Ms. Quinones said then. “A couple of weeks ago, the judge laid out some conditions and requirements he wanted the defense to meet. We believe we’ve satisfied each one of those requirements.”  Meanwhile, Mr. Clark is grateful he is out of jail while he awaits the legal process to move forward. Ms. Quinones said that now that he is out on bail, he intends to comply fully with the obligations and terms laid out by the court.  “We believe Patrick is innocent and at the appropriate time, the evidence will reveal that to be the case,” said Ms. Quinones.   Read more:   Watch video of Ms. Quinones’ full statement Dec. 27, 2022: 

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