Letitia Quinones Featured on ‘Keep It Legal’ Podcast

Quinones & Associates founder Letitia Quinones has been featured in an episode of the Keep It Legal podcast. In the episode, “Black History Month: The Letitia D. Quinones Story,” Ms. Quinones discusses her experiences as a female attorney who is also African-American and Latina.  

When asked about whether the United States is doing a better job of educating people about black history, Ms. Quinones noted many great strides. 

“In the last two or three years, I think there has been more to black history than in the past, and I really believe that it’s a direct result of things like George Floyd, and Brianna Taylor, and Tyree Nichols and all those things like that,” she said. “Here recently, I do think that we are doing better, but I do think we can do more.” 

During the episode, Ms. Quinones also discussed life experiences that have shaped her as a person and a lawyer, including her partnership with famed Houston attorney Rusty Hardin. 

“When Rusty Harden gave me a shot, I jumped all over it and I showed them my talent and the work ethic that I encompassed,” she said. “I showed them the integrity that exists within me.” 

To hear the entire episode, click here. 

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