Letitia Quinones-Hollins Provides Legal Analysis for Beginning of AJ Armstrong Murder Trial on KPRC’s ‘The Bench’

Firm founder Letitia Quinones-Hollins joined KPRC’s “The Bench” in Houston to provide viewers with expert commentary on the Antonio Armstrong Jr murder trial. Mr. Armstrong is accused of killing his parents seven years ago. Since then, he has been tried twice, with both trials ending in hung juries. Ms. Quinones-Hollins joined host Joel Eisenbaum and reporter Rilwan Balogun to report on the first two days of the trial:  

July 31, 2023, Day 1: 

Looking Ahead to Opening Statements: 

Before the trial began, Ms. Quinones-Hollins discussed the case’s timeline leading up to the present day. She recapped reasons for the trial’s delays. She also explained how juror schedules can influence a trial’s time frame and speculated on how long Mr. Armstong’s third trial could continue.   

Watch the show here: The Bench: AJ Armstrong, Episode 9 – YouTube 

Analyzing Opening Statements:  

Ms. Quinones-Hollins broke down how the prosecutor, Harris County Assistant District Attorney John Jordan, crafted his opening statement in a way to avoid questions of doubt. She also examined the defense’s opening statement, explaining how attorney Rick DeToto left “nuggets” for the jury to follow along to create reasonable doubt. To hear the rest of Ms. Quinones-Hollins analysis, click the link below. 

Watch the show here: The Bench: AJ Armstrong, Episode 10 –YouTube  

August 1, 2023, Day 2: 

Looking Ahead to Day 2: 

Before the second day of the trial began, Ms. Quinones-Hollins again discussed how long the trial could last. She predicted what type of witnesses the legal teams might call on the second day of testimony and what the jury might hear them say. Click the link below for her in-depth analysis. 

Watch the show here: The Bench: AJ Armstrong, Episode 11—YouTube  

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